EU Resolution Represents Much-Needed Boost For GA

With COVID-19 having increasingly dominated the news since 2020 started, it is worth noting that in February the European Parliament gave a big thumbs up to General Aviation (GA) by passing a Resolution under which EC member states are encouraged to adopt a raft of principles that will help preserve, foster and promote the sector across Europe. And despite Brexit, that’s got to be good for the UK too, and could prove important as the industry recovers after COVID-19!

The Resolution underlines the importance of keeping legislation in proportion; and — significantly — recognises the differences between Commercial Air Transport (CAT) and GA in setting fees and charges. This is aimed at ensuring GA has access to vital infrastructure (airports and airspace) while also accepting that GA plays a vital role in that infrastructure.

The Resolution was adopted by 524 votes to 74, which means it will now form the basis of the European Commission’s / EASA’s approach to GA. National AOPAs will be able to use it with their own national CAAs to ensure that GA is treated fairly.

The Resolution’s 35 clauses address every aspect of the sector, including a recognition of the important role GA plays in training commercial pilots.
The Resolution can be traced back to a meeting between EC Commissioner Daniel Calleja di Crespo and IAOPA Europe.

MEPs including Timothy (now Lord) Kirkhope from the UK and Arunas Degutis from Lithuania, both pilots, have been active in canvassing support, said IAOPA Europe.

IAOPA says it is having the document translated into every European language and distributed to authorities across the continent.

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