The UK Needs More GPS Approaches!

It would be nice to have more! For example if we had a way to get back into Redhill with lower minima, we could go out doing IFR training (yesterday was a case in point). We were planning to go to Southend to do two practice approaches. When I was flying at Sebastian in Florida we could do these things, as it has an RNP approach on Runway 05.

This link is a few months old now but it’s still, probably, the newest round-up of UK GPS approach information around. If we can restart the process of getting GPS approaches at small airfields, that would be great for training, and other operations. I imagine PPL/IR, AOPA and others are working on it…

Article Link – UK Approaches, Status.

We may even get EGNOS back one day and be able to do ‘pseudo’-ILS approaches down to 200ft minima, i.e. so-called LPV approaches. The UK needs them back! We did one earlier this year in Alderney but due to a little loophole the LPV is still available in the Channel Islands (being within the Brest FIR, i.e. France).

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