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GAAC advises numerous airfields around the UK each year as they face planning or other issues, some of which threaten their very existence. With so many airfields lost previously and many other remaining under threat of closure, GAAC is working hard to safeguard the future of the UK’s General Aviation sector – GAAC’s supporters include several prominent UK GA associations. 

Our small team of volunteers relies on these associations (who also make up most of the GAAC Board) and other generous donations (from companies and individuals) to meet its expenses and provide initial and ongoing support. 

The number of airfields seeking our assistance has increased considerably over the past few years (our list is now  up to144 airfields) and we have created an invaluable team of skilled individuals with decades of experience in their own careers.

GAAC also provides advice to government departments and committees, and works closely with the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Aviation, and provides some stability away from the electoral process which often sees Parliamentarians come and go.

GAAC was created by the aviation associations (most notably AOPA UK) to bring together GA in the UK on common issues affecting airfields with the aim of presenting one voice to government and other bodies. This came after the industry was told by many such entities that they found it difficult and confusing to deal with so many different aviation associations on the same issues.

GAAC strives to defend airfields and the UK GA sector and would like to see legislation enacted to better protect airfields as key infrastructure, and if possible to create a Strategic Airfields Network protected in law.

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