Save Our Airfields

Please consider contributing towards our overall target of £20,000 a year to cover the costs of helping various airfields with complex planning, property and other issues. We have set a target of £20,000 a year – £10,000 from our ‘Save Our Airfields’ Justgiving campaign and £10,000 via direct donations (BACS or Paypal).


A prime example was Denham when it faced the possibility of having a Motorway Service Area below the circuit on the only land left for an emergency landing   (the project plan was a ‘fait accompli’ with HS2 requiring viaducts across lakes near the airfield) – causing a massive planning challenge!

We could name many more examples and the work of the GAAC’s Airfields Team under Vice-Chair John Gilder has gone from around 10 airfields nine years ago (2015) to over 140 now.

We always reiterate the need for airfield owners or tenants who face issues to seek advice early. Initial advice is free of charge, and beyond that costs are heavily discounted compared to market rates for the specialists that act as advisers – we estimate this is typically a third to a half of market rates for equivalent work by private consultants.

To ensure we can maintain this level of service and make accessing professional advice affordable, we do need industry contributions to this fund or general donations from individuals and companies. You could consider paying a single or regular contributions to the GAAC bank account via a Standing Order or a one-off payment via BACS or Paypal. This is very welcome, however small.

We are also seeking sponsors and would be interested in hearing from any companies who are interested.

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