GAAC To Prepare Paper on ‘Network of Airfields’ for Aviation Minister

Below is the text of an e-mail which was sent to UK aviation associations, regulators and other interested parties last week by GAAC chairman, Charles Henry. If you would like to receive such communications by e-mail in future, or be alerted to them with links, please sign up at or follow GAAC Alerts on Twitter, @gaac_alerts.

Having regard to the increasing number of airfields threatened by housing and other development, the GAAC has been tasked by the GBASF with preparing a paper for Lord Ahmad (Minister for Aviation) in response to his question: “What is the network of airfields and how could that be practically developed and progressed.”

In the GAAC paper, it is intended to stress that there is no single network of airfields, by pointing out that each sector of GA has a need for airfields suitable to accommodate its activity.

Business aviation requires very different facilities from those required by gliders and these, in turn, differ from those required by microlights and others.

In order that the network(s) for your sector can be identified, please email the GAAC vice-chairman, John Gilder, at, with a list of relevant airfields covering the UK, or provide suitably marked topographical map(s), which will be attached as an appendix to the paper.

This will probably list the airfields on which training is provided, together with an associated list of those airfields to which both students and qualified pilots may then fly.

The GAAC thought that some opportunity to consider this request ahead of the GAP Meeting on 14th March would be helpful and provide time to raise any questions.

Charles Henry
Chairman GAAC

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