For all airfield, aircraft and other aviation-related insurance (e.g. Hangar-Keeper’s Liability) sold by Approach Aviation Insurance, GAAC receives a small donation. 

Insurance for General Aviation Businesses

Approach Aviation Insurance Services provides a range of insurance products to General Aviation businesses in the UK.

Current insured clients include flight training organisations (schools/clubs) such as Redhill Aviation; maintenance organisations (such as Insight Aviation at Bournemouth); The Flying Reporter (see YouTube); and various private aircraft.

Approach Aviation has excellent links with the market including Lloyds and is a trading name of Dublon Insurance Services Limited, an FCA-regulated Lloyds broker.

Approach Aviation is able to offer aircraft insurance and product liability insurance, hangar-keeper’s liability insurance and airfield insurance.

Airfield Insurance 

General Aviation Airfield Insurance policyholders can expect:

  • Affordable, comprehensive coverage
  • Annual premium payment for easy budgeting
  • Electronically issued policies through your broker
  • 24 hour underwriting and claims service

The benefits available include:

  • Motor legal liability coverage. Provides coverage for the use of vehicles within the confines of an airport/airfield (excluding road traffic act or equivalent) which would ordinarily be excluded from motor policies.
  • Property damage to vehicle not owned, rented or leased by the Insured, but in their care, custody, or control.
  • Legal protection. Insurers will defend the Insured when a suit is brought against them and reimburse legal costs and expenses in addition to the limit of liability.
  • Liability arising out of the supply of food and drink by the Insured at their covered premises.
  • Coverage at any premises used by the Insured in connection with their business as airfield operator/owner.
  • Drafted by in-house policy wording specialists and regularly reviewed to maintain relevancy.

For further information please Contact Us via GAAC putting ‘Insurance’ in the Subject field. We will forward your details to Chris Varley (below) at Approach Aviation Insurance.

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