Unlicensed & Uncertificated Sites

Unlicensed Sites listed in the UK AIP

The Civil Aviation Authority and NATS are conducting a survey to validate the list of various unlicensed airfields and aerial sporting activity locations published in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) and depicted on CAA VFR charts. The reason for this survey is to establish whether existing published sites in the AIP are still current, operating, accurately reflected in AIS products, and to identify a principal point of contact for each site.

Upon closure of this survey on 28/02/2018, the CAA will establish definitive criteria for what constitutes a ‘significant’ activity at unlicensed sites, and subsequently arrange for the revision of all future AIS products based on that criteria from March 2018 onwards.

All site owners or landowners where established aircraft and/or aerial sporting activities at unlicensed sites are requested to take part in this survey by completing the Unlicensed & Uncertificated Sites Form

Unlicensed sites which fail to complete this survey by 28/02/2018 may result in a location that is currently published in the AIP, and depicted on CAA VFR charts, being removed from the NATS AIS database and all future AIS products, including CAA VFR charts. The CAA therefore requests that all users of unlicensed sites ensure that the site owner or land owner is aware of this survey.

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