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The Skyway Code

 Practical guidance for GA pilots, students and flight instructors on operational, safety and regulatory issues relevant to their flying.  Condensing the ‘must know’ information into easy to navigate information and graphics The Skyway Code gives GA pilots a one stop shop for safety rules and advice. 

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Be PROUD and keep learning

The Civil Aviation Authority has long recognised the importance of continuous training and skills development for private pilots, as a means to ever improve the safety standards of recreational flying. For this reason, the CAA has introduced the Pilot Recognition for Operational Up-skilling and Development (PROUD) scheme. PROUD works with organisations and associations representing private

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Aviation Green Paper Issued for Consultation

Yesterday the UK government released its Aviation Green Paper, including a chapter dedicated to GA, and at the same time Byron Davies and York Aviation released their Reports on work to establish a strategic network of UK airfields (please click below each PDF to view pages within this site). [pdf-embedder url=””] [pdf-embedder url=””] [pdf-embedder url=””]

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